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The winnowing hypothesis posits that transitions from dating to cohabiting to marital unions are marked by increasing selectivity in the mate selection or matching process.

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Through the use of sensors, actuators, and micro-controllers, actual controlled motion can be designed, integrated, and implemented in, on, or across buildings.The traditional problematics of motion, stasis, and order are challenged, redefined, and transformed by new spatio-temporal possibilities and strategies opened up through technological innovation, particularly robotic technologies and new approaches to mobility, portability, and nomadic culture. the integration of motion into the built environment, and the impact such results has upon the aesthetics, design, and performance of buildings may be of great importance to the field of architecture. Elucidating social impact of Zakar, clarify how can poverty be alleviated with its distribution in Islamic Society? In gazwa e khandak which salats were combined by holy prophet? Q.2 Who is entitled to receive Zakat according to the Quran? Also discuss the methods of influencing public opinion.

In architecture, the notion of motion is often represented as an abstract formal configuration that implies relationships of cause and effect.

(v) No Page / Space be left blank between the answers. First lady inspector of madina made by Hazrat umar was?

Q.6 Explain the concept of self-purification in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah and its impact on society.

Q.7 Enumerate the reasons of extremism in Pakistan and suggest solutions to eradicate it in the light of Islamic teachings.

Q.8 Define Ijma' (consensus) and explain its different kinds.