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As a group of Lead Practitioners at St James School in Exeter, we were asked to lead professional development sessions for the whole teaching body! I could already feel my heart pounding with the nerves …) As anyone would, when looking for fresh ideas for the classroom, I turned to the internet and one of my favourite blogs soon came up trumps – [email protected] Toolkit!

The idea of speed-dating isn’t new for language teachers – often used to prepare students for speaking exams – and using this idea to lead a whole-staff training session after a long day at school, seemed a brilliant opportunity!

One idea is that individuals choose partners whose genes are compatible with their own.

Alternatively, they may pick a mate whose behaviour is a good fit.

Love match: zebra finches make great parents if they get to choose their own mates (Image: blickwinkel/Alamy ) True love seems to make birds better parents.

Birds that are allowed to choose their own partners are more diligent parents, according to a team who arranged “marriages” for zebra finches.

It’s not a silver bullet, nor is it a gimmick, but as an idea for bringing staff together to talk about teaching, it works!Dining Ds was started so gay women could have a way of meeting other gay women off the scene.It's a great way of meeting new people, networking and there have also been several romances, two Civil Partnerships and even a baby!To test this out, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen, Germany, wondered what would happen if animals were matched with partners arbitrarily instead of being given free choice.First, they organised a “speed-dating” event for their population of 160 aviary finches, allowing the birds to form pairs freely.What could be a better way to spend a Thursday night, than hooking up with singles in Camden?